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MAMYPOKO Extra Dry Skin Pants - M 48/ L 38/ XL 32/ XXL 26
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Japan quality, Long hours quality sleep, Powerful absorbent core, Dry, 360° air-flow, Extra soft waist band
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Our Most Powerful* Pants
*Apart from MamyPoko Kids Pants

Long Hours Quality Sleep
To provide long lasting comfort for your active baby, high absorbency with Extra Dryness are important. Let your baby enjoy uninterrupted play time and long hours of quality sleep even through out the night.

Powerful Absorbent Core
No more worries on leakages! Powerfully absorbs and locks in urine up to 12 hours**
**Absorption hours may vary depending on baby's urine amount

Speed Air Wave
Keeps Bottom Dry
Wavy sheet absorbs urine quickly while allowing air to flow through, keeping baby's bottom Extra Dry.

Mess free and easy disposal.

360° Air-Flow
With breathable material that promotes air circulation helps prevent stuffiness or rashes.

Extra Soft waist band
Cotton like soft waistband, leaves no red mark on baby's skin while keeping diaper in place even after soiled.
Pants for Boys & Girls M